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If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. Canadian Observer V1n2 English Edition. Book Descriptions: Canadian Observer V1n2 English Edition is good choice for you that looking for nice reading experience. How it works: 1. Although we do not encounter city-states like in Europe, since Tang times there existed large commercial cities along the coastlines, such as Yangzhou, Guangzhou or Quanzhou, with great numbers of merchants that could pursue their private commercial interests at least relatively liberally, and with partly significant foreign settlements that often even possessed their own jurisdiction.

And such merchant communities, of course to different degrees, disposed of certain institutional structures to carry out long-distance trade. In particular during the Song-Yuan period maritime trade was not only officially sponsored even though it was more or less strictly controlled , but private commerce and merchants enjoyed at least a certain degree of independence and liberty.

That developments across the China Seas nevertheless looked so differently from those in Europe has probably rather to be traced back to the very different politico-economic purposes of the governments of China, Korea and Japan, to their different understandings of sovereignty and foreign trade and, consequently, to their qualitatively different reference to the seas as a medium of exchange and interaction.

Since antiquity, the China Seas have grown more and more together and have been connected via sea routes to regions as far away as India, the Persian Gulf and the Islamic and Oriental worlds. And this development originated in Asia. However, that they were globally in the literal sense integrated, was achieved by the Portuguese and the Spaniards.

But in Asia the Europeans entered into trading networks that already existed and they overtook roles that had previously been played by others for centuries. With their advent, however, these networks gradually came to change their quality.

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The more or less direct connection between military and commercial seafaring that was typical for Europe but has never been a typical characteristic of seafaring in the China Seas before can from then on also be observed in the China Seas. This is also reflected by discussions about an East Asian integration, beginning with a uniform market and gradually developing into a closer political and military cooperation, similar to the European Union.

Even ideas like an East Asian currency similar to the Euro have been raised. Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, , vol. We are well aware of the fact that the spatial concept of East Asia itself is a highly complex and not unproblematic one. The World System A. New York: Oxford University Press, , Oceans and Routes, Regions and Trade c.

5 - Playgrounds, Classrooms, and Politics

Aldershot, etc. Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe, , — Mote eds. The Cambridge History of China , vol. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press , —, — James Legge, The Chinese Classics.

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IV, The She King. IV, 38, 71, 74, , , , , , Wuhan: Hubei jiaoyu chubanshe, , 2. Westport, Connecticut, London: Greenwood Press, , Taibei: Yiwen yinshuguan , j. Das Grab von Nan Yue. The monsoon winds were known to most of the seafarers.

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He dared to sail over the open sea and could, thus, shorten tremendously the sea voyage to India. Also the Indians knew about the monsoon winds and highly respected the stormy southwest monsoon. Das afro-asiatische Mittelmeer als Kultur- und Wirtschaftsraum. Wien: Promedia, , 9— Shiji, j.

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On the invention of the sail during Shang times, see Xi Longfei, Zhongguo zaochuan shi , Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, , vol. Michel Loewe, Ways to Paradies.

The Social Conflict and the Teacher's Reflection

The Chinese Quest for Immortality. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, , j.

Beijing: Zhonghu shuju, , j. Herbert Franke, Geschichte des Chinesischen Reiches. Berlin, New York: Walter de Gruyter , vol. For further details cf. James K. Hou Hanshu , j. Hanshu , j. Vol I. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , — Held June 6th-8th, Tingley ed. Southeast Asia Archaeology Stockholm: Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, , — Das afro-asiatische Mittelmeer als Kultur-und Wirtschaftsraum.

Wien: Promedia, , —, here The New Oxford World History. Oxford: Oxford University Press, , 33 and Taibei: SMC Publishing, , vol. Beijing: Haiyang chubanshe , Translated by Edward W. Wagner, with Edward J. Cambridge, Mass. Taibei: Wenhai chubanshe, , j. Edward H.

Schafer, The Vermilion Bird. Hou Hanshu, j. This seal is today on display in the Historical Museum of Fukuoka, Japan. For the historical assessment of the seal cf. Seyock Auf den Spuren der Ostbarbaren.

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Mannheim: Reiss-Engelhorn Museum, , From this the name Yamatai for the land of the Queen of the Wo resulted, a name that has remained in use until today despite critical textual analysis. Later in the fifth century Yamato in Central Japan was the seat of the central Japanese government. In this context it has been suggested that the Yamatai of the Wei Annals is actually identical with Yamato. Gloucester, Mass. Shanghai: Shangwu yinshuguan, , j. Occasional paper , No. Paris: EFEO vol.

II, , — Brill, Beijing: Haiyang chubanshe, Songshu, j. Hangzhou: Zhejiang guji chubanshe, , Book 2, j. Beck Verlag, , Suishu , j. Taibei: Lianjiang chubanshe, , Gerald R. See also Gerald R. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, , Die Tang-Dynastie — n. Heidelberg: Edition Braus, , 53—79, It must be emphasized, however, that the term was much more widely used and also included ethnic people like Uighurs or West Asian people in general.

Taibei: Taiwan xuesheng shuju, , 43, 58— See also D. Wild-fire oil, which burned even more fiercely when water was added.